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AI Related Use Cases Of CHT Token

Utility & Other Use Cases Of CHT Token

Token Burn Mechanisms

Platform Revenue Burn:
The revenue generated by our news website for buying and burning tokens.
For example, if our platform earns $100,000 in a month, allocate 10% ($10,000) for token buyback and burning.

Premium Content Access:
Users can access premium or exclusive content by burning a specific amount of tokens.
If an article or feature requires 1000 tokens to access, those tokens are permanently removed from total supply.

Token Staking Burn:
Staking mechanism where users can lock up their tokens for a specified period.
A small percentage of staked tokens is burned as a reward for users who commit to long-term staking.

Community Voting Burn:
Voting system where users propose and vote on burning a specific amount of tokens for a particular purpose.
The voted-upon tokens are then burned, and the decision is based on the collective will of the community.

Token Conversion Burn:
Users can convert their tokens into a special edition or limited edition NFT.
A percentage of the original tokens used for the conversion process is burned.

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